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Sat, 9th Jul. 2011, 10:18
heavy metal quilts

Ben Venom makes quilts, pillows and other items out of metal band tshirts.

Linked by somebody on facebook. Apologies that I honestly can't remember who.

Sat, 2nd Jul. 2011, 12:08
artist paints himself into backgrounds

You really need to click on this link, some of these photos are stunning.

Link found by Thor.

Sat, 25th Jun. 2011, 15:11
Need a key?

More pictures at the link.

Credit for finding this goes to dandelion_diva

Sat, 2nd Apr. 2011, 20:09
Wikipedia Commons Picture of the Year 2009

This one actually came in second, but I really like it. [Warning: It's humunguous and takes forever to load.]

Wed, 24th Mar. 2010, 14:36
The King

Link nicked from Alas, a Blog

Tue, 23rd Feb. 2010, 03:50
Attention Chicken

Originally posted by theweaselking

Sun, 13th Sep. 2009, 15:19
in the Milwaukee airport

A sign just past the security area of the Milwaukee airport.

Picture taken by kalmn.

Mon, 7th Sep. 2009, 14:29
Goth Single Ladies

Mostly I'm impressed that these guys went to the trouble to learn all the moves.

Tue, 9th Dec. 2008, 12:50
happy Winter

We're on our third day of white shift falling out of the sky over here. So just to cheer you up, I bring you the Puerto Rico jungle.

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